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This is the really real world, and there ain't no comin' back.

~The Crow

7 August 1981
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Truth, Love, and the American Way- My Way!
I am a Social Rebel after all.

NOTE: In case you stumbled across my journal, do not be confused, I am queer. I am a (mostly) gay trans boy. Don't like it? Then beat! Now then, on to me...

I am a poet, writer, dreamer, collage artist, wannabe tranny rock star. In the end all I really want is to find some who loves me as a male gendered person in a female body. I am in love with life, and though it is not always easy, it is always a beautiful gift. I do not know what I would do without all my familys (biological, Summer's End, UU cons, Water Circle), my friends at school, and all my other friends. Right now I am in college focusing on the poetry and writing, while amassing materials for my collages. Rock stardom will just have to wait. I’m an individual and I’m not afraid to speak up, as if you couldn’t tell. I'm a different sort of boy with a unique personality. I am looking towards the future but living in the present. Life is meant to be lived, and I am living it.

Can you take it? I am a social rebel after all.

“Peace, Love, and Rock & Roll.”
~Joey McIntyre

May we never rest until every child of earth in every generation is free from all prisons of the mind and of the body and of the spirit; until the earth and the hills and the seas shall dance, and the universe itself resound with the joyful cry: "Behold! I am!" ~John Cummins

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Love to my sister Deb and my 3 brothers, Dan, Josh, & Benjamin God rest his soul.

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